I am happy to report that I’ve been okay. There are good bits and bad bits, but for now I’ll focus on the good bits. For starters, I’ve been sleeping well. For the last month, I’ve been getting a healthy amount of sleep each night, and have developed a good routine. I’ve managed to finish 7 books this year, and have even published one of my own. … I’ve mentioned you in the acknowledgements, thanking you for the miracle work you’ve done.

O., Schizophrenia, Australia.

B has shown remarkable improvement the past few weeks. He almost seems like the [son] we used to know. He is being more proactive in seeking employment...

B, Schizophrenia and PTSD, U.S.A.

I would not say that he is totally cured, but he reached a level that makes him go through education correctly, an excellent social life, but of course we are after him continuously to strengthen his self esteem and effort on his focus and concentration. Thanks for all you have done, we would have faced deep troubles if we did not meet you. We are happy with the results and as a Father I am proud of [him now and can afford to have strong expectations from him in life.

S., ADHD, Italy.

I think it was a combination of the Niacin, the vitamin mix ... together with the medical medications that I was prescribed from my doctor, that were all together responsible for making my mind feel better. In effect, the important factor is that I feel better and can function in my job and generally in life. Thank you again for all your help...

D, Depression/anxiety, Canada.

P. has been extremely calm and even tempered these past few days and I attribute it to adjustment in the vitamins. He is working so diligently at his school and fulfilling his homework and doing it independently. A kind of independence he has not had much of a chance to enjoy formerly.

P. Schizophrenia/bipolar, South America.

I have found the vitamins to be helpful. Initially I found that I slept better, something I did not expect. That in itself is cause for celebration. I can also say that my energy is elevated by a noticeable factor, not huge but better. The key indicator is I now need far fewer afternoon naps, perhaps only two to four per month, down from that many per week.

S. Depression/fatigue, Canada