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Group Educational Sessions

There will be some individuals who will not be interested in nutritional advice for themselves but will want to obtain this in order to further their professional and business careers. This will include psychologists, social workers, child care workers, counselors, nurses, physicians, athletes, sports coaches, police officers, CEOs, administrators, teachers, etc. According to The Economist, there is a world-wide and increasing shortage of talented and skillful administrators. It talked about the serious efforts of companies to hire and to retain these people by offering them more perks and more money, but it did not discuss ways and means of maintaining these people fully functional by ensuring that they remain healthy. There was no discussion of the role of nutrition in maintaining health, and intellectual and administrative performance. Orthomolecular nutrition does provide one of the answers. I think it is obvious that anyone in good health will not only be happier but will also be more effective at what they are doing. This is as obvious to me as is the observation that it is safer to jump out of a plane if one wears a parachute – no double blinds are needed! A group of scientists from Merck, Cheng et al, wrote, “Nicotinic acid has been used to treat dyslipidemia for about 50 years. Used in high doses, it reduces plasma low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, apolipoprotein B, triglycerides, and lipoproteins(a) and increases high density lipoprotein cholesterol and apolipoprotein A-1. Nicotinic acid has been shown to have cardiovascular benefit when used alone or in combination with statins in several clinical trials…” and “A selective DP antagonist [one of their products] would significantly suppress symptoms of nicotinic acid induced flushing raising the possibility that this approach could be used to increase the tolerability of nicotinic acid thereby allowing more patients to access the demonstrated cardiac benefits of this underutilized drug”. In brief, nicotinic acid increases longevity. Many years ago the vice president of a major American company in charge of states west of the Mississippi asked his large administrative staff for volunteers to take niacin, a vitamin that decreases heart attacks and extends life; I myself have been taking it for over fifty years. He told me that after one year the initiative and industry he had seen when they first assembled after the war and were all brought together – which had gradually deteriorated – was suddenly back again. He was amazed and pleased at the renewed energy and administrative skills his staff regained. Niacin helps keep cognitive skills alive, and has been found by the Center for Disease Control, U.S., to decrease the incidence of Alzheimer’s. Anyone wishing to obtain information can come either alone or in group sessions of no more than five. For more information please call Fran Fuller, CEO.