Appears to be due to a deficiency of glutathione peroxidase, which contains selenium and three amino acids. If a person with AIDS is given these four essential nutrients and recovers, it is logical to assume that the deficiency of these factors induced by the virus has been corrected, and even though the virus is still present it no longer has the same pathological effect on the body. In other words, the symptoms of AIDS may be due more to a deficiency of the essential nutrients like selenium than they are to the presence of the virus.

The degree of deficiency can be determined by the amount of vitamin that is needed to restore the body’s ability to deal with the stress. Vitamin C has been studied the most. The amount of vitamin C that is called for by each type of stress varies enormously. Cathcart’s principle is helpful: he said that the dose should be increased until the vitamin acts like a laxative. The more severe the level of stress, the more of the vitamin can be tolerated without this occurring. For the serious infections the late Dr. Fred Klenner used up to 100 grams or more daily by mouth or by intravenous injections. For minor infections not nearly as much was needed. For the cancers, which are extremely stressful, especially when treated with radiation or chemotherapy, there must be an almost total loss of vitamin C. I expect that patients receiving chemo will have almost no vitamin C in the blood. For best results large doses of intravenous ascorbate are needed. But with these very large doses there is an additional therapeutic effect – the vitamin C also kills cancer cells without destroying normal cells.

Life threatening stresses deplete the body’s stores of vitamin C rather quickly, and I suspect the same occurs with the other nutrients. Patients require very much larger doses than they do when they are well, not under stress, but they are also more apt to become dependent and for this reason will need larger maintenance amounts to remain well.

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