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  1. Information is the most potent remedy to achieve and maintain good health, but it must not be filtered through the eyes of any group except those interested in your good health. The information provided here is biased in favour of better health, and is not influenced by any institution or company. We also suggest you look up the best web sites that are also free of conflict of interest. These are listed in this web site.
  2. We support the following institutions as fully as we can:
    1. The International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine (ISOM). This is open to physicians and is world-wide with over seventeen countries represented. We are small but starting to grow.

What You Can Do

Demand the best treatment for all patients. Informed consent means that patients are advised by their doctors what are the possible treatments available, so that they can freely decide which one they will accept. Demand orthomolecular treatment;

  1. Make the same demand in letters to editors;
  2. And to Members of Parliament;
  3. Read the orthomolecular literature;
  4. Attend the annual scientific meetings called Nutritional Medicine Today;
  5. Subscribe to Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine;
  6. Become a member of ISF.


Orthomolecular Health

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Recognition of Organizations and Individuals Who Made Orthomolecular Medicine Possible

The following organizations have been the mainfactor in keeping orthomolecular concepts alive. We were nearly eviscerated by the American Psychiatric Association edict of 1973, but we have regrouped and are coming back.

I am hurt, but I am not slain!
I will lay me down and bleed awhile;
then I’ll rise and fight again.

(From St. Barton’s Ode)

Orthomolecular medicine did not spring from the forehead of any one individual but from the collective enthusiasm, research and wisdom of a large number of individuals.

  • The International Schizophrenia Foundation, formerly Canadian Schizophrenia Foundation:
    A comprehensive site full of important information. They started publishing the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine (JOM) in 1967. It became essential to do this, as the establishment journals refused to accept orthomolecular reports. Med Line, the world’s largest abstracting service still boycotts our journal. They have never given us any coherent and scientific explanation for their refusal to abstract JOM, but they appear to think it is less scientific than Readers’ Digest. This journal contains many of the original papers which developed orthomolecular psychiatry and medicine. It is on line at
  • The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning International, Inc.
  • Bio-Communications Research Institute website:
  • The University of Kansas just created the Hugh Riordan Chair of Orthomolecular Medicine. Dr. Jeanne Drisko is the first Chairholder.

Contributors to Orthomolecular Research, Theory and Practise

  • Premier Tommy C. Douglas of Saskatchewan, without whose support no research would have been possible in Saskachewan, where it started.
  • Professor Linus Pauling, two times unshared Nobel Prize winner. He should have gotten a third one.
  • Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize winner for the discovery of vitamin C and helping to clarify intermediary metabolism.
  • Professor Heinrich Kluver, University of Chicago, for providing crucial support to Dr Osmond and to me
  • Aldous Huxley
  • Sir Julian Huxley, first Director of the World Health Organization
  • Professor Nolan D. C. Lewis, Chair, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University, New York.
  • Dr. John Weir, Medical Director, Rockefeller Foundation. Their grant in 1954 allowed the research group in Saskatchewan its research productivity.
  • William Wilson, best known as Bill W, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. His influence in Washington DC, led to the only NIMH supported therapeutic trial into orthomolecular psychiatry. Dr. J. Wittenborn confirmed the Saskatchewan findings. No other corroborative studies have been done.
  • Dr. Walter Alvarez, Mayo Clinic. He promoted orthomolecular psychiatry in his very popular medical column which at one time was read by millions of people.
  • Fannie H. Kahan, B.A., Editor, Journal of Psychiatry.
  • Irwin Kahan, M.A., First director of the Saskatchewan Schizophrenia Foundation and later Canadian Schizophrenia Foundation.
  • Dr. Bernard Rimland, founder of the Autism Research Institute.
  • Joe De Silva, Secretary of the Food Employees & Retail Clerks Local 770. Los Angeles.
  • Irwin Stone, pioneer in emphasizing the vast importance of vitamin C. He did not think it should be classed a vitamin. It was, he insisted, an essential nutrient like the amino acids. He introduced Dr. Pauling to this versatile product. He showed every human suffers from a lack of ascorbic acid; that we all have hypoascorbemia.
  • Councilman Kent Pullen, PhD, King Country, Washington State. He piloted a mental health bill that for the first time made psychiatrists responsible and which demands recovery as one of the objectives. He was ably assisted by Miss Merrily Manthey, MA.
  • Carlton Fredricks MA. Popular writer, radio host and personality, who courted disaster by promoting nutrition when this could have landed him in prison by the FDA, which hated nutrients and Fredericks.
  • Dr Donald Johnson, Member of Parliament, England. Publisher of our book, “How To Live With Schizophrenia”.
  • Dr Masatoshi Kaneko, Orthomolecular Nutrition Laboratory. KYB Club, Japan.
  • Mr George Porteous, Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan. Mr. Porteous, a Hong Kong veteran, recovered on niacin, and introduced Canadian Hong Kong veterans and in the United States the Ex-POWs to the benefit of orthomolecular therapy.
  • Dr Hugh Riordan, Founder and President of The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning Int’l, Inc. Bio-Communications Research Institute, and author of the three volumes of Medical Mavericks.