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About the Centre

Frances Fuller

I am an orthomolecular nutritional consultant trained by Dr. Abram Hoffer. I worked with him from 1977 until his death in May 2009, starting out as a medical office assistant, later becoming office manager. I typed his books and papers during that time, and read almost every book in his 1600+ book library, in addition to dealing directly with patients. In 2005 Dr. Hoffer retired from the practice of medicine and psychiatry. Beginning in 2006, he and I started working together as associates in our joint business, the Orthomolecular Vitamin Information Centre, of which I am now president and CEO.

To be considered his associate was a great honour for me, and this was a time of my intense ‘apprenticeship’, for want of a better term. We evaluated clients together, and educated and advised them as a team. According to Dr. Hoffer, I knew more about nutrition and the use of vitamins than any doctor in Canada (except himself) – very high praise indeed!

It was also my privilege to join him as coauthor on two papers: “Orthomolecular Treatment of Schizophrenia,” published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, First Quarter, 2009, and “My Paranoid Patients Are Now My Friends”, JOM, Second Quarter, 2009. I was a member of the executive board of the International Schizophrenia Foundation, whose mission is “To promote the acceptance and use of orthomolecular treatment to enable people with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses to lead healthy, independent lives.”

However, the incorporation of orthomolecular principles is by no means limited to schizophrenia and mental illness. I have spoken to groups in the Victoria area about the importance of orthomolecular nutrition and nutrients in various disorders including chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, learning disorders, cancer, arthritis, high cholesterol, etc.

I follow Dr. Hoffer’s principles, educating and informing clients about the ways in which appropriate orthomolecular nutrition and nutrients may allow their bodies and minds to heal by normalizing their nutritional biochemistry. In so doing – by supplying the nutrients one needs in optimum amounts – the body has the tools it needs to build and maintain physical and mental wellness in a more natural way.

To make an appointment to come and talk about your area of interest, please email me at ffuller@islandnet.com or telephone me at area code 250-386-8756.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Centre is to provide accurate, unbiased information in a non medical setting about the properties and uses of vitamins. Our approach is to educate our clients in the ways that nutrition may be helpful in building and maintaining wellness and in helping the body to normalize itself, regardless of what they have been diagnosed by their medical practitioners. We assess nutritional imbalances, taking into consideration clients’ general health, level of stress and medical history. Any condition (or just living) exerts stress on the body, and each person reacts differently, so a program for wellness must take into consideration the individual, their genetics, lifestyle, history, and so on. We don’t advocate a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to wellness, and the kind of nutrition and supplementation that may be appropriate for one person, may not be the right approach for another person with similar issues.

Why the Centre is Needed

By 1950 the vitamins had been discovered, synthesized and had come into general use to maintain health. They are very important natural chemicals and the body cannot function without them. But their use had been restricted to preventing a few classical deficiency diseases like pellagra, rickets, and scurvy. Since 1950 these same vitamins have been shown to be effective in amounts much larger than those needed to prevent these vitamin deficiency diseases. But this information has been hard to obtain and the public must be totally confused by the positive and negative claims that have been made and are continuing to be made about their value in health maintenance. For this reason we need an accurate and unbiased centre to which any one can come in order to obtain the information they are not able to get by reading the literature on their own. With this information they will be in a much stronger position to discuss the use of vitamins with their doctors.